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our Program 

The College for Living helps individuals develop the skills they need to live more independently.

General Education Program

The College for Living’s general education plan includes:

  • An initial (as well as periodic) assessment of student’s needs and goals.

  • Regular progress meetings with the College for Living advisor.

  • Access to the College for Living Resource Library.

  • 24/7 on-call support for urgent situations.

  • 28 hours per week of direct (on-site) support from Lifeskills Mentors.

  • One class per week focused on developing independent life skills.

  • A network of peers and social/recreational opportunities.

  • Individualized transition plan upon completion of the program.

Monthly Tuition: $1,365

On-campus housing

​Students must qualify for HUD (Housing and Urban Development) housing.


HUD-subsidized units:

  • Must qualify for very low-income status.

  • Tenant pays 30% of income (earned and unearned income) regardless of fair market rent amount.

next steps

Contact our admissions counselor, Erin Washer, to begin the College for Living application process.

(502) 883 6702

Additional Support opportunities

Students have the opportunity to enroll in additional support plans on an as-needed basis to work on specific goals and skills that require additional time outside of the general education plan.

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